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RTI (Updated version 2019 - Lingua Italiana)

RTI (Updated version 2019 - English Language)


RT Gioco_versione in lingua inglese_

RTI_versione in lingua Italiana_




Art. 1: The game’s playing area

a) The game of “bocce” must be played on flat and perfectly levelled surface subdivided into lanes. These lanes must be enclosed by wooden planks or by some other, non-metallic sidings, 25 cm. high, with a tolerance of 2 cm. over
or below;

b) Lanes must be 26~5O metres long and anywhere between 4 and 4.50 metres wide. Lanes between 24.50 metres and 28.00 metres long may be accepted only by previous authorization from the C.T.A.I. and wideness of 3,80 meters;

c) Lane heads must be made with swinging boards, possibly of synthetic rubber, hinged on the upper part of the sidings. Lane heads should not be fastened to either the latter or the ground in order to prevent the bowls and the “pallino” from bouncing back;

d) The lanes’ surface may consist of either the natural ground or of synthetic materials which are appropriate to this game’s technical requirements. Under no circumstances may these materials constitute a danger to the players' or referees’ health;

e) People, fixtures, objects or any other thing (posts, lamps, metal wires, branches, ceilings, walls, protection nets, etc.) to be found cither upon the siding planks, or outside of them, including the retaining walls supporting the latter, are considered as foreign to the game and thus irrelevant to the game regularity