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Executive Committee Onl<b class=red>in</b>e Meet<b class=red>in</b>g
Executive Committee Online Meeting

CBI executive committee had another online meeting on the 29th July 2020 evaluating new issues and ongoing problems caused by Covid19. 


Onl<b class=red>in</b>e ExCom Meet<b class=red>in</b>g
Online ExCom Meeting

CBI Executive Committee had its first meeting of 2021 on the 16th of January in order to discuss various issues. 


World Juniors Championship Postponed to 2022
World Juniors Championship Postponed to 2022

CBI Executive Committee had its virtual meeting on the 1st of July and decided to postpone the World Bocce Juniors Championship to 2022.  


Lucenec Hosted 11th Central European Cup
Lucenec Hosted 11th Central European Cup

During the silence in the international tournament calendar, Lučenec managed to host the 11th edition of the Central European Raffa Tournament. 


First Competition of Raffa &quot;Precision Shoot<b class=red>in</b>g&quot;
First Competition of Raffa "Precision Shooting"

During the 12th International Kemer Open Tournament, the first "Precision Shooting" tournament was organized.  


2021 Libya Championship was Held <b class=red>in</b> Tripoli
2021 Libya Championship was Held in Tripoli

The 2021 Libya Championship was organized in Tripoli, November 13-14, 2021, with the participation of 106 players. 


ExCom Meet<b class=red>in</b>g Decisions
ExCom Meeting Decisions

CBI ExCom virtual meeting was held on the 17th December 2021.  The meeting started with a 1-minute silence for the memory of Mr Limardo, CBI vice-president, who passed away a short time ago. The main issues discussed and decisions taken in the meeting are as follows; 


CBI Precision Shoot<b class=red>in</b>g Game official rules published
CBI Precision Shooting Game official rules published

CBI Precision Shooting game rules are published on the CBI website in 5 languages; English, Italian, German, Spanish, and French. Follow the below link to reach the documents; https://cbi-prv.org/regolamento-tecnic


Referee Course Held <b class=red>in</b> Tunisia
Referee Course Held in Tunisia

CBI national referee course was held in Tunisia between 3-7 February 2022 with the support of the Libyan Federation. 


GB Fontanapr<b class=red>in</b>t
GB Fontanaprint

22-26 August 2022Lugano, SWITZERLAND


PanAmerican Juniors Bocce Championship
PanAmerican Juniors Bocce Championship

PanAmerican Juniors Bocce Championship was held in Carlos Barbosa, Brazil from the 4th to the 10th of April 2022. 


Algeria dom<b class=red>in</b>ated African Championship
Algeria dominated African Championship

Algerian Raffa and Billiards Federation hosted the joint African Championship of Raffa and Volo in Algiers, Algeria from 7 to 13 May. 


Full representation <b class=red>in</b> Mediterranean Games
Full representation in Mediterranean Games

After Tarragona 2018 where Raffa was represented with 1 sole discipline, Raffa took its full representation in Oran 2022 with all 4 disciplines, being played successfully. 


Official visits <b class=red>in</b> Algiers
Official visits in Algiers

CBI President, Mutlu Turkmen, visited the two Algerian ministers and the centre for African Raffa Confederation before and after the Mediterranean Games competitions. 


Palazzo di Bocce Hosted 2nd Edition
Palazzo di Bocce Hosted 2nd Edition

Palazzo di Bocce hosted the second edition of its International Invitational Tournament on 22-23 July 2022. 


Islamic Solidarity Games a big success
Islamic Solidarity Games a big success

Bocce took its place for the first time in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games which was held in Konya-Turkiye from 9th to 18th of August 2022. 


Spectacular Open<b class=red>in</b>g <b class=red>in</b> Rome
Spectacular Opening in Rome

The opening of the World Juniors Bocce Championship was held in the spectacular historical municipal square of Rome.  


World Juniors share titles
World Juniors share titles

World Juniors Bocce Championship was held in Rome from the 20th to the 24th of September 2022.  After a long break due to the covid19 break, the juniors arriving from various destinations of the world enjoyed competing in the technical bocce center of Rome. The organization was a big success and players did their best to reach the result. Only the best 20 teams in each discipline qualified from the continents had a chance to show up in the...


Mers<b class=red>in</b> ready for the show
Mersin ready for the show

Mersin Toroslar Municipality hosted the press conference for the World Bocce Championships of Raffa and Volo, Mersin 2022, with the presence of the Governor of Mersin Mr Ali Hamza Pehlivan, President of CBI Dr Mutlu Turkmen and the Mayor of Mersin Toroslar Municipality, Mr Atsız Afşin Yılmaz.


TROFEO R<b class=red>IN</b>ASCITA

8 January 2023Budrione - ITALY


Bocce sh<b class=red>in</b>es <b class=red>in</b> South American Games
Bocce shines in South American Games

From October 1st to 15th, the XXII South American Games of Asunción 2022 were held, the most important sporting event in South America, in which Bocce was on the stage between October 12th and 14th.


Open<b class=red>in</b>g Ceremony <b class=red>in</b> Mers<b class=red>in</b>
Opening Ceremony in Mersin

The opening ceremony of the World Joint Raffa and Volo Championships was a huge gathering staging 52 teams from 37 countries.   


Historical World Championships Ended
Historical World Championships Ended

The historical joint World Championships of Raffa and Volo gathering 52 teams from 37 countries ended successfully. 


CBI General Assembly Held <b class=red>in</b> Mers<b class=red>in</b>
CBI General Assembly Held in Mersin

The Ordinary Elective General Assembly of CBI was held in Mersin during the World Bocce Championship on the 3rd of November.  


Algeria Dom<b class=red>in</b>ates the 13th Kemer Open
Algeria Dominates the 13th Kemer Open

The 13th Kemer Open which gathers Raffa, Volo, and Petanque disciplines together was held in Kemer-Antalya from the 22nd to the 25th of October 2022. 


CEP General Assembly
CEP General Assembly

The Extraordinary Elective General Assembly of Confederation European Raffa (CER) was held in Bergamo on 26th November 2022.


Italy w<b class=red>in</b>s both titles <b class=red>in</b> EuroCup
Italy wins both titles in EuroCup

The European Championship for Clubs was organised in Bergamo from 24th to 27th November with 10 male club teams and 8 female club teams. Italy won both titles. 


Champions meet <b class=red>in</b> L'Aquila
Champions meet in L'Aquila

L'Aquila, as the European Sports City in 2022, hosted an international Bocce tournament gathering 8 best players from the world. 


3rd Asia-Ocenia Championship held <b class=red>in</b> Malaysia
3rd Asia-Ocenia Championship held in Malaysia

The third edition of Asian & Oceanian Bocce took place in Kota Bharu- Malaysia, from 5 to 8 December 2022, with participants from 6 countries.   


French Corbihan Hits World Record
French Corbihan Hits World Record

The French national team player Aurélien Corbihan hit the world record in precision shooting during the national championship held in Plaintel, France, on the 8th of April, 2023. 


Pall<b class=red>in</b>o D'or Marks 50th Anniversary
Pallino D'or Marks 50th Anniversary

Amazing Show in Pallino D’Or   The 50th anniversary of the Pallino D’Or Tournament organized by the Sambucheto Bocce Club ended with an amazing show.   


Demirdelen Passes Away
Demirdelen Passes Away

The former chair of the CBI Auditors Committee, Mr. Mehmet Demirdelen, lost his life on the 4th of June due to a heart attack.