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First step in <b class=red>A</b>si<b class=red>a</b> &<b class=red>a</b>mp; Oce<b class=red>a</b>ni<b class=red>a</b> w<b class=red>a</b>s <b class=red>a</b> big success
First step in Asia &amp; Oceania was a big success

First Asia & Oceania Raffa Championship was held in New Delhi, India from the 1st to the 4th of December.  A referee seminar and Foundation Assembly of Asia & Oceania Bocce Confederation were also organized along with the...


CBI President Turkmen visits IOC Vice President Ugur Erdener
CBI President Turkmen visits IOC Vice President Ugur Erdener

The president of CBI, Mutlu Turkmen, visited the vice president of International Olympic Committee (IOC), Ugur Erdener, and had a fruitful meeting on the bid of Boules Sports inclusion to the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games. 


CBI President <b class=red>A</b>ttends <b class=red>A</b>w<b class=red>a</b>rd Ceremony in Brussels
CBI President Attends Award Ceremony in Brussels

CBI President Dr. Mutlu Turkmen participated TAFISA Jurgen Palm Award Ceremony presented to the EU Commissioner Tibor Navracsics in Brussels.


World Ch<b class=red>a</b>mpionship <b class=red>a</b> Big Success
World Championship a Big Success

World Bocce Championship, with the new format and new disciplines, was held successfully in Tucuman Argentina between the 5th and the 10th of March 2019.    


Bocce Included in South-<b class=red>A</b>meric<b class=red>a</b>n G<b class=red>a</b>mes 2022 
Bocce Included in South-American Games 2022 

In an important meeting held in Rosario Argentina, it was confirmed that Bocce will be one of the official sports in South American Games in 2022 which will be held in Asuncion, Paraguay. 


It<b class=red>a</b>ly domin<b class=red>a</b>tes Europe<b class=red>a</b>n Ch<b class=red>a</b>mpionship with 4 golds
Italy dominates European Championship with 4 golds

Italian team dominated European Seniors Championship held in Innsbruck, Austria from 10th to 14th September 2019 winning 4 gold medals.  15 national teams competed in the championship which will qualify the first 7 nations in each category separately for the 2021 World...


First <b class=red>A</b>si<b class=red>a</b>n Oceni<b class=red>a</b> Juniors Ch<b class=red>a</b>mpionship held in M<b class=red>a</b>l<b class=red>a</b>ysi<b class=red>a</b>
First Asian Ocenia Juniors Championship held in Malaysia

The first Asian Oceania Juniors Championship was held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with the participation of 6 nations and 7 teams.  The organization which qualified first 3 teams for the world championship was a big...


It<b class=red>a</b>ly Wins <b class=red>A</b>ll Titles in Europe<b class=red>a</b>n Juniors
Italy Wins All Titles in European Juniors

Italian players won all 5 gold medals in European Juniors Bocce Championship held Gersthofen Germany. Austria was ranked the second, and Slovakia the third in overall ranking. 


CBI joins to T<b class=red>A</b>FIS<b class=red>A</b>
CBI joins to TAFISA

CBI was approved as a full member of TAFISA during the 26th TAFISA General Assembly held in Tokyo on the 15th of November 2019. 


Bocce included in Isl<b class=red>a</b>mic Solid<b class=red>a</b>rity G<b class=red>a</b>mes
Bocce included in Islamic Solidarity Games

Bocce will be included in the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games which will be held in Konya, Turkey, in 2021. 


CMSB Gener<b class=red>a</b>l <b class=red>A</b>ssembly
CMSB General Assembly

CMSB, extra-ordinary assembly and executive committee meeting was held in Lyon on the 8th of February. 


MoU signed with WEC
MoU signed with WEC

During the 3rd International World Ethnosport Forum which was held in Antalya Turkey with the participation of delegates from 49 countries including 11 ministers of sports. One of the participants in the forum was CBI president Mutlu Turkmen and signed an MoU with the president of WEC, Mr. Bilal...


CBI ExCom meets online
CBI ExCom meets online

CBI Executive Committee had an online meeting on the 11th of April at 13:00 (CET Time) and decided to postpone World Juniors Championship to 2021.  


Executive Committee Online Meeting
Executive Committee Online Meeting

CBI executive committee had another online meeting on the 29th July 2020 evaluating new issues and ongoing problems caused by Covid19.